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                          Gurukul Edutech was established to offer affordable, practical, professional training of the highest quality to the employment seeking youths in diversified domains of Skill Development Sector & competitive examination ( NET /SET Training ) . Gurukul was set up by a group of academicians, engineer and social workers, who perceived a gap between the industrial need of trained and skilled manpower and the number of trained persons available . Short courses were primarily skills oriented, while university courses were primarily academic. This situation prevails to this day, with universities accused of producing graduates who are not workplace-ready.
We perceived the need for the programme both in short term and employability linked that is
A. Meet the gap of Industry need and Trained and skilled workforce
B. Vocational and practical in nature,
C. Produced multi-skilled individuals
D. Is suited to both mid-career aspirations of experienced                    practitioners and entry-level rookies.
E. Is feasible for working people to attend
Gurukul’s approach to Education is to modify, enhance, and protect the minds of its students through an environment which fosters creativity and reliance on his own capacities based on the skills imparted through quality training and cognitive approach.

MISSION STATEMENT We ADD WINGS to your Career, and to that end will walk miles with you.
♦Assiduousness ♦ Determination ♦Welfare ♦ Innovation                     ♦ Novelty ♦ Group Effort ♦ Stability 

OUR MERITS :  ♦ Unique and industry relevant training that meet the present day industry requirements
Continuous search for methods and technology beyond the existing models of training
Creative approaches to both the trainee’s and the industry’s special needs in order to find unique and tailored solutions
Team work based on the implementation of progressive technical disciplines.
Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team Courage and readiness to break new paths in training
Strong technological background
                            ♦ Understand training & development needs of both the trainee and recruiting industry.
                                   Design development initiatives and deliver high impact training interventions.
                                   Develop and implement powerful reinforcement programmes.
                                   track and measure for continuous improvement and sustainability.